Sarah Elena Wolff

U.S.A.: 917.657.5132 (Traverse City, MI)

DOB: 6/4/88

Place of birth: Traverse City, Michigan, U.S.A. 

Height: 5'8"/172.5 cm Weight: 125 lb/55.5 kg

Citizenship: U.S.     Languages: English, Spanish  


Dance Arts Academy- Ballet Mistress- 2018-present

Flux + Flow Dance Project- 2017-2018

BalletMet- Soloist- Aug. 2016-May 2017

The National Ballet of Canada- Corps de Ballet- 2008-2015

The National Ballet of Canada- YOUDance/RBC Apprentice- 2007-2008

Dutch National Ballet- Guest Artist- Jan.-Mar. 2007


Year Round 2001-2007: Canada’s National Ballet School, Toronto, Canada

Summer of 2006: Hamburg Ballet School, Hamburg, Germany

Summer of 2005: Boston Ballet School Summer Dance Program, Boston, Mass. USA

Academic Education: 2006 Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Extracurricular Education: Certified Fletcher Pilates Advanced Matwork and Towelwork Instructor


2011: National Ballet of Canada’s Patron’s Council Award of Merit
2007: Canada's National Ballet School's Peter Dwyer Award presented by The Canada Council for the Arts
2000: New York City Dance Alliance Ballet Scholarship presented by Leslie Brown
2000: Cecchetti Council of America Ballet Award

Commercial Work:

"Abreva" online commercial, lead role- Filmed in Toronto, Ont.

"Orea" online commercial, Ballerina- Filmed in NYC, NY

Summarized performance experience with The National Ballet of Canada, BalletMet, & Ballet Minnesota:

Repertoire includes: Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, Principle Woman in Pur Ti Miro, Dark Angel in Serenade, Ensemble/Soloist in Shostakovich Trilogy, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Romeo & Juliet, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, Giselle, Cinderella, Onegin, An Italian Straw Hat, Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, The Four Seasons, The Four Temperaments, Etudes, Symphony in C, West Side Story Suite, Theme and Variations, Glass Pieces, Serenade, Mozartiana, Nijinsky, Hamlet, Carmen, The Seagull, Elite Syncopations, Opus 19/The Dreamer, Watch Her, 18+1.

Featured Roles and Premiers: 

  • Dark Angel in Serenade, BalletMet

  • Davis Robertson's "Unequilibrium", Seaside Dance Festival

  • Davis Robertson's "Duas", Seaside Dance Festival

  • Premier Work by Attila Bongar, The Benefit- National Hemophilia Foundation

  • Premier Work by Jimmy Orrante, The Benefit- National Hemophilia Foundation

  • Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, Ballet Minnesota (full length)

  • Lead Woman in Jorma Elo's "Pur Ti Miro" created on the National Ballet of Canada

  • Twig Fairy in James Kudelka's "Cinderella"

  • Bathilde in Sir Peter Wright's "Giselle"

  • Frau Stalhbaum in Gerard Charles' "The Nutcracker"

  • World premiere of Aszure Barton's "Watch Her"

  • World premiere of Alexei Ratmansky's "Romeo and Juliet"

  • North American premiere of Christopher Wheeldon's "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland"

  • North American premiere of John Neumeier's "The Seagull" and "Nijinsky"

  • North American premiere of Davide Bombana's "Carmen"


  • “Be Love”- Sarah Wolff & Justin Koertgen- Harvest Gathering Earthworks Music Festival

  • “Mon Coeur s’ouvre a ta voix”- Sarah Wolff & Justin Koertgen- Traverse City Dance Project

  • “Mon Coeur s’ouvre a ta voix”- Sarah Wolff & Justin Koertgen- Company Dance Traverse


  • “The Nutcracker” Sugar Plum Fairy- Company Dance Traverse

  • “White Swan PDD”- Interlochen Arts Academy Summer Faculty Show

  • “Mon Coeur s’ouvre a ta voix”- Sarah Wolff & Justin Koertgen-Interlochen Arts Academy Summer Faculty Show

  • “Dido & Aeneas”- Hannah Baumgarten- Interlochen Arts Academy Summer Faculty Show

  • “Duas” Davis Robertson- Seaside Dance Festival

  • Fundraiser for The National Hemophilia Foundation of Ohio- Attila Bongar & Jimmy Orrante

  • “Sweet Wound”- Russell Lepley-Pelacchi- FluxFlow Dance Project


  • “The Nutcracker” Mother- Amy Tremonte- New Albany Children’s Ballet Theatre

2016/2017 BalletMet

  • "Serenade" George Balanchine- Dark Angel, Corps de Ballet

  • "The Nutcracker" Gerard Charles- Frau Stahlbaum, Snow, Flowers

  • "Peter Pan" Michael Pink- Brave

  • "18+1" Gustavo Ramirez

  • "Romeo And Juliet" Edwaard Liang- Harlot, Townsperson, Ballroom Guest

2016 NYC based Free Lance Work

  • "Unequilibrium" Seaside, Fl. Gala

  • "The Sleeping Beauty" Ballet Minnesota- Aurora

2015 National Ballet of Canada

  • “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Christopher Wheeldon- Ensemble

  • “Shostakovich Trilogy- Piano Concento #9” Alexei Ratmansky- Soloist

  • “The Sleeping Beauty” Rudolph Nureyev- Fairy Attendant, Knitter, Waltz Woman, Naiad, Polacca

2014 National Ballet of Canada

●  “Watch Her” Aszure Barton- Ensemble

●  “Swan Lake” James Kudelka- Ballroom Lady, White Swan Corps, 6 Swans, Black Swan Corps, Poco di Chopin (4 Black Swans)

●  “Onegin”- Ballroom Lady

●  "Opus 19/The Dreamer" Jerome Robbins- Ensemble

●  “Cinderella” James Kudelka- Twig Fairy, Lady, Fairy Attendant

●  “Romeo and Juliet” Alexei Ratmanski- Townswoman, Ballroom Guest, Rich Lady

●  “Manon” Sir Kenneth Macmillan- Actress, Townslady

2013 National Ballet of Canada

●  “Giselle” Sir Peter Wright- Wili, Peasant, Bathilde

●  “The Four Seasons” James Kudelka- Spring Variation

●  “Pur ti Miro” Jorma Elo- Lead Woman

●  “Carmen” Davide Bombana- Cigarette Girl

●  “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Christopher Wheeldon- Flower Waltze Corps, Cards Corps, Flamingo, Falling Alice Pupeeteer, Court Person

●  “The Nutcracker” James Kudelka- Flower Corps, Flower Soloist, Snow Flake

2012 National Ballet of Canada

●  "La Fille mal gardée" Sir Frederick Ashton- Peasant

●  "The Sleeping Beauty" Rudolph Nureyev- Fairy Attendant, Naiad, Waltz Lady

●  "The Seagull" John Nuemeier- Imperial Ballet, Revue Girl

●  "Hamlet" Kevin O'Day- Ensemble

●  "Elite Syncopations" Kenneth MacMillan- Ensemble

2011 National Ballet of Canada

●  "Don Quixote" Nicolas Beriozoff- Corps, Gypsy

●  "Onegin" John Cranko- Ballroom Lady

●  "Theme and Variations" George Balanchine- Corps

●  "Alice in Wonderland" Christopher Wheeldon- Flower Corps, Card Corps, Flamingo

●  "Mozartiana" George Balanchine- Corps/Soloist

2010 National Ballet of Canada

●  "The Four Seasons" James Kudelka- Spring Corps

●  "West Side Story Suite" Jerome Robbins- Jets Woman

●  "Swan Lake" James Kudelka- White Swan, Ballroom Lady, Black Swan, Poco di Chopin

●  "Serenade" George Balanchine- Asprin, Corps

●  "The Nutcracker" James Kudelka- Flower Soloist, Flower Corps, Snow Corps

2009 National Ballet of Canada

●  "Romeo and Juliet" John Cranko- Ballroom Lady

●  "Giselle" Sir Peter Wright- Bathilde, Wili, Peasant

●  "Carmen" Davide Bombana- Cigarette Girl

●  "The Sleeping Beauty"- Fairy Attendant

●  "Watch Her" World Premiere by Aszure Barton- Ensemble

●  "The Four Temperaments" Geoge Balanchine- Phlegmatic Ensemble

2008 National Ballet of Canada

●  "Symphony in C" by George Balanchine- 3rd Movement Corps de ballet

●  "The Seagull" John Neumeier- Imperial Ballet Ensemble

●  "The Nutcracker" James Kudelka- Corps de Ballet

●  Choreographic Workshop: "The Glass House" Marylin Goodhue- Pas de Cinq

●  "Cinderella" James Kudelka- Ballroom Lady

●  "An Italian Straw Hat" James Kudelka- Model #1

2007 National Ballet of Canada

●  "The Nutcracker" James Kudelka- Snow, Flower, Family Scene

2007 YOUDance RBC Apprentice Program

●  "Who Cares?" George Balanchine- Man I Love PDD, Who Cares PDD, Stairway to Paradise Variation, Fascinating Rhythm Variation

●  "Napoli" August Bournonville- First and Last Solo variations, Tarantella, Pas de Six

2007 Dutch National Ballet

●  "La Bayadere" Act III staged by Natalia Makarova- Kingdom of The Shades- Corps de Ballet

2006 National Ballet of Canada

● "Symphony in C" George Balanchine- 1st Movement Corps de Ballet